Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Garage Repairs - Completed

 Garage Repairs - Completed

We are pleased to inform all residents that the repairs to the B1 parking are 98% completed.

Parking Spots in the B1 will be released in Phases as the painting work is completed. Once an area has been painted, Security will call the unit owner and advise that you can move your vehicle back to the designated parking spot. 

Please also be reminded that it is prohibited to store bikes, strollers, tires, batteries, containers, cans, etc. as these are considered fire hazards and will be removed and disposed of at the owner’s expense. 

Any vehicle which is not in good repair (leaking fluids) should not park in the B1 until repairs are made. Damage to the waterproofing will be repaired and charged back to the unit. 

Finally, residents are reminded not to park in any prohibited areas (fire routes, etc.) or in the front gazebo area. Failing to oblige may result in parking infractions issued by the City of Mississauga.

Thank you for your cooperation during the repairs and your support in improving our building. 

For and on behalf of PCC 239,
Simsons Management