Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Newsletter Update 17A

Newsletter Update 17A

Annual General Meeting

The delay in setting the date for the AGM was a result of developing a proper report on the cost of construction. As we can remember in 2013 the previous Board wanted to conduct a special assessment. This special assessment would have meant each unit paying a significant amount of money for which many residents could not afford to pay.

Now that the concrete work is 90% complete, Place Royale Board of Directors has been able to assess the cost of the project and we are pleased to inform you that there will be no burden on residents. The cost of construction will not affect the financial operations of the Corporation.

The AGM will be scheduled in October and packages will be mailed out soon.

Garage Repair progress report

- 90% of all structural work and concrete pouring on the top deck at the front of the building has been completed
- There will be one more pouring of concrete which will complete the structural and concrete work on the top slab
- The next steps will be:

Membrane application (in October)
Asphalt application (in November)
Sidewalk reforming (in November - from the front entrance to the road)   
Landscaping in the center in November - December (weather permitting)

NOISE ALERT: The use of Jack Hammers will continue in order to complete repairs

Garage Access to B2 parking

- Clean up on the B2 ramp will begin this weekend
- Once the shoring have been removed resident will be asked to park in their designated parking spots
- Notices will be posted

Automatic Doors

Accessibility automatic door openers have been added to B1 West Side and B2 West Side

The Unity Side Walk

Sidewalk will be completed by the end of September 2015

Bike Racks

Bike Racks can be installed in your parking spots; please put your name on the list. Please let the Management Office know how many bicycles you would like to park in your spot.


ZUMBA will start on September 29th from 8:30-9:15 (This is a free class; come out and participate). Please sign up at Security.

Place Royale Board of Directors thanks all residents for their continued support in improving our property. Thank you.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

Newsletter Update 17

Newsletter Update 17

Dear Residents:

It is with a great sense of pride and accomplishment that I write to you today to inform you that on Thursday 03rd September 2015 the City of Mississauga started construction of our sidewalk.

As you are aware, our building has been without a sidewalk for over 30 years. In order for the construction of the sidewalk to have become a reality, it took over a year of negotiations with the city and the signatures of over 98% of the residents in our building. Owners, who are renting their units, drove to Mississauga to give me their signed proxy and this sense of support motivated me and rest of the board to work even harder to secure the sidewalk.

This sidewalk will keep our residents safe and is a representation of unity.
As such, a President of the Board of Directors for PCC239 I hereby declare that this sidewalk be known henceforth as "The Unity Sidewalk".

On behalf of Val, Danielle, Manny and Mohammad I thank you for your continued support in making our home a great one. 

Thank you.

Dev Maharaj

President Board of Directors