Tuesday, June 21, 2022

COVID-19 Protocol Update

 COVID-19 Protocol Update

Dear Residents,

We would like to inform residents that in accordance with the Government of Ontario, most COVID-19 mask requirements and related protocols have been lifted as of June 11 2022.

Moving forward, we request that you adhere to the following:

- Masks are optional, residents may choose to wear or not to wear

- Elevators capacity has now increased from 3 people to 5 people

- Bookings are not required for the Gym, Tennis Court or Pool

- The Party Room capacity has been increased from 30 people to 50 people

We request that all residents continue to be respectful to each other and building staff. 

Please contact the Management Office, if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate your cooperation. Thank you!

For and on behalf of PCC 239,
Simsons Management