Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Happy Canada Day!

 Happy Canada Day!

Wishing everyone a Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day marks the day, in 1867, when three separate colonies joined to become a single entity within the British Empire called Canada. From this date, the country was regarded as a self-governing region within the Empire.

The holiday was originally called Dominion Day but was renamed in 1982 under the Canada Act which meant Government in London could no longer make changes to Constitutional Law, allowing full Canadian Sovereignty.

Place Royale Annual Flag Hoisting Ceremony

We will be hosting our Annual Flag Hoisting Ceremony on July 1st morning at 10:00am. The capacity will be for 25 persons. If you have an Orange T-Shirt, please wear it in support of Land Recognition for First Nations Persons.

Place Royale Board of Directors
Dev, Val, Danielle, Manny, Mohammed

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Important Notice

 Important Notice

Follow by Email widget (FeedBurner) is going away

Place Royale website currently uses Follow by Email widget (FeedBurner, a Google service).

Recently, the Feedburner team released a system update announcement, that the email subscription service will be discontinued in July 2021. After July 2021 the automated emails to subscribers will no longer be supported.

We are working on privacy oriented FeedBurner replacement service

Please, visit more often in next few weeks in order to receive community updates and re-subscribe for future email notifications. Thank you!

Place Royale Board of Directors
Dev, Val, Danielle, Manny, Mohammed

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Newsletter Update 35

 Newsletter Update 35

Underground Garage Pressure Washing

Starting in June 2021: The Underground Garage will be power washed in sections in order to reduce the number of persons accessing the elevators and reduce contact. Residents can park in the Visitor Parking for the duration of the cleaning.

Time: 9:00am - 6:00pm

Parking Available as follows:
Visitor parking: Forty five (45) spots will be done in a day. Notices will go out with the area to be power washed. Notice of time and date will be posted.

A/C System - Reminder

Each owner is responsible for his/her A/C system. Unit owners should get their system serviced at least once a year.

Fancoil Filters

Residents can purchase Filters at the Management Office; the cost of two filters is $10.00 (Persons 55 and older can pay $6.00 for two filters).


The Carwash is now OPEN and residents can get the keys at the Concierge. Each suite can book the Carwash for 90min per time.

Windows Cleaning

Window Cleaning will commence in the latter part of June 2021.

Tennis Court

The Tennis court is now OPEN and residents can get the keys at the Concierge. Each suite can book the Tennis Court for 60min (1hr).

Garbage Chutes

- Ensure that your garbage bags are fully pushed into the chute and that it has gone down.
- Pressure Washing of Garbage Chutes will in the second week of July.

BBQ Area

The BBQ will be available from June 12th 2021There is a procedure to utilize this amenity; please check with Security or the Management for details. There is a deposit of $20.00 for incidentals such as cleaning and damage.

- Kindly clean the Grill so that the next person can enjoy the amenity. Each suite is responsible for cleaning the BBQ area once you have used the back patio.


The Board is awaiting the Financial Statement from the Auditor. Once this document is received an Annual General Meeting will be scheduled.

Fire Protection

Proline will conduct the Annual Fire Inspection in July 2021. Suites with deficiencies will be contacted to repair the deficiency. Tampering with fire prevention equipment in your suite is prohibited under the Fire Code.


The External Walls between the 9th and 10th floor on the South-East Side of the building was assessed by Engineers in 2020 and work will begin in 2021. The area will be closed off and residents using the Friendship Pathway are advised to exercise caution when using the path. Should there be a need, the path might be closed to facilitate the construction.

Underground Garage

There are areas in the Underground Garage that will be repaired after the repairs on the External Wall of the building.

Place Royale Board of Directors
Dev, Val, Danielle, Manny, Mohammed