Reduce operating costs
reduce and optimize operating costs, find sources of income (ongoing project)

Guest Suites
building of bachelor type Guest Suites on G level (under construction, 90% complete)

Water pipes replacement
replacement of failing water pipes as leaks prevention (ongoing project, as needed)

Damaged trees removal and replacement
damaged trees removal and replacement project (ongoing project, as needed)


Gym Renovation
Repair and pain walls, repair floors (in progress)

B1 and B2 Level Renovation
Repair and pain walls and doors (in progress)

All Levels Hallways Renovation
Removal of old wallpaper, repair and paint walls, LED lights (in progress)

Lobby and Main Level Renovation
Concierge Desk, new wallpaper, LED lights (completed 2023)

Game Room Renovation
Repair walls, new floors, LED lights (completed 2023)

Garage Door Replacement
new high-speed and low-noise curtain garage door (completed 2022)

Garage Repair B1 and B2 levels
underground garage concrete structure repair (completed 2022)

Pipes on B1 and B2 levels
underground garage cast iron drain pipes replacement (completed 2022)

Asphalt Repairs
back of the building, driveway and loading dock (completed 2022)

Rental Suite Renovation
new kitchen, appliances, bathrooms and floors (completed 2020)

Visitor Parking Improvements
painted and sealed to protect the main deck water membrane (completed 2020)

Asphalt Repairs
front of the building, damage caused by water main break (completed 2020)

Heating System Boiler 1 and Boiler 2
Boiler 1 replaced, Boiler 2 repaired (completed 2020)

Games Room
completely renovated, ready to re-open after COVID-19 (completed 2020)

Garage Repairs
South side of the building, protect the decking of the underground garage (completed 2019)

Party Room Refresh
repairs of damages and painting (completed 2019)

Swimming Pool Maintenance / Repairs
heating, temperature sensors, chlorine pump, circulation pump (completed 2019)

Heat Exchanger
building's heating system Heat Exchanger replaced (completed 2019)

Chiller Repairs
needed Chiller repairs conducted prior to start-up (completed 2019)

Stacks Cleaning Phase 2
pressure cleaning the Stacks throughout the building (completed 2019)

Fancoil Maintenance Program
increased efficiency and air flow and air quality (completed 2018)

Stacks Cleaning Phase 1
pressure cleaning the Stacks connecting the building to the main line (completed 2018)

Security Improvement Phase 2
installation of new high-definition cameras and video recorders (completed 2017)

Garage Entrance Resurfacing
new asphalt and markings, new security gate at the parking lot (completed 2016)

Security Improvement Phase 1
Visitor's Parking gate and Intercom, efficient parking enforcement (completed 2016)

Landscaping Improvements
more presentable and contemporary look in front and back of the building (completed 2016)

Garage Repairs Project Phase 1
waterproofing, concrete slab front of the building (completed 2016)

LED Lights in B1 and B2 Garage
new power efficient lights in order to reduce energy cost (completed 2016)

LED Lights in Gym, Squash Basketball Court
new power efficient lights in order to reduce energy cost (completed 2016)

New Sidewalk
building of sidewalk along Kaneff Crescent, North side of property (completed 2015)

Party Room and B1 Level Renovation
complete renovation of Party Room and B1 Level (completed 2015)

LED Lights in Swimming Pool Area
installation of energy efficient LED panels in pool area (completed 2014)

Garage Drains Replacement
many drain pipes are blocked, need replacement (completed 2014)

Water-main Replacement
water-main replacement on Kaneff Cres, Region of Peel project (completed 2014)

LED Lights at Garage Entrance Area
new lights installed to illuminate the area and improve safety (completed 2014)

Cooling Tower Replacement
existing one is 30y old, needs replacement (completed 2014)

Superintendent's Suite Renovation
currently the Corporation is using Superintendent on-call (completed 2014)

Change of Management Company
Simsons Management to replace Canlight Hall (completed 2014)

Basketball Court
convert Squash Court to Squash / Basketball Court (completed 2013)

Loading Dock / Garbage Area Repair
repair cracked concrete slab, new loading dock and ramp (completed 2013)

Gym Renovation
replace old equipment with safety issues, replace carpet (completed

Smoking Area Refresh
new durable bench, new bench platform, new stylish LED light (completed 2013)

Garage Door and Entrance Repair / Refresh
repair support beams, walls, ceiling, adjust door opener (completed 2013)

Place Royale Community Web Page
first community web page; information, events, projects (2013 - present)