Saturday, October 17, 2020

COVID-19 - Update

 COVID-19 - Update


RE: Modified Phase 2

Dear Residents,

The Provincial Government has enacted a modified Phase 2 COVID-19 restriction for the next 28 days. This means that residents will need to ensure that the following protocols are adhered to:

Masks are mandatory once you leave your suite to access any part of the building.

• Elevators should be used by persons from the same bubble.

• Should you forget your mask, do not approach security or any other common area.

• There should be no loitering in the lobby, as this protects our Front Line workers and reduces exposure to Delivery companies dropping off parcels.

• Wear a mask when picking up your packages.

• Construction that is currently in progress will continue.

• No new construction in suites will be permitted until the 28 day restriction is complete.

• Families can utilize the BBQ area for fresh air or the Front of the building: maintain 2 metres from other bubbles.

• The Tennis Court will remain Open.

Remain safe!

A message from Place Royale Board of Directors

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Heating Switch Over

 Heating Switch Over

Heating Switch Over

The Heating System has been switched on.

Turn your thermostat to “Heat” and set your desired temperature. 

This is a good time to change your filters. You can purchase filters from the Management Office.

Simsons Management