Sunday, August 31, 2014

Newsletter Update 10

Newsletter Update 10

Sidewalk By-Law


- Place Royale Board of Directors have been negotiating with the City of Mississauga since November of last year to build a sidewalk from Arista Way to the front of our building
- We are now in the final stages of closing the agreement with the City
- The City will build the sidewalk
- The City will maintain the sidewalk during the winter
- The sidewalk will belong to the City of Mississauga
- This is at no cost to PCC 239


- Make sure you pick up your package at Security or the Management Office
- Unit Owners who don't reside at Place Royale will receive their packages by Mail



- We require 188 proxies to pass a By-Law to hand over the small piece of land at the front of the building so that the City can build the sidewalk

By-Law Meeting

- A By-Law Meeting will be held on September 25th 2014 in the Library at 7:00pm. This is a formality and would be for a very short time

Drop off proxies at Security and Management Office

- Please drop off your proxies at Security or the Management Office
- We would like to have all proxies by September 18th 2014, 7:00pm

We are very eager to get the sidewalk built as this is a safety issue for everyone in the building. Thank you for your continued support. Place Royal Board of Director will also be meeting with residents to get proxies signed.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Newsletter Update 9

Newsletter Update 9

Garage Repairs

Mobilization will start at the end of August beginning of September. The Project will take approximately four months. Landscaping may have to wait until 2015. Traffic on B1 and B2 may be affected however every effort to minimize delays will be made. Scope of work: The membrane will be replaced and any areas of faulty concrete will be removed and repaired. Contractors: Intragreen Roofing Systems Inc. and Cion Engineering will manage the repairs.

The Areas of Repair:
(click on the image to see full size map)


We will be holding a Meeting in September to pass a By-Law for the Sidewalk. The City will build the sidewalk (Zero Cost to PCC239). The City will maintain the sidewalk (Zero Cost to PCC239).

Party Room Renovation

The Party Room will be renovated this year which will take approximately two months.

Party Room Rental During Renovation
The Library area on the G Level will be an option for Rent should any resident want to have a small get-together. This area will not be used for full on parties or for any event that will require loud music. The room can be rented until 11:00pm. The cost of rental is $50.00.

Painting - Garbage Area
The Garbage Room will be painted. Please help in keeping this area looking clean.

Painting - B1 and B2 Parking Spots

Spots in the B1 and B2 area will be painted. Painting will be based on the condition of the parking spot and whether concrete work will be required.


Bicycles that are not registered will be removed.

Annual Flowers

Due to the construction the annual flowers were not planted at the front of the building. The Landscaping Company indicated that a lot of money was wasted about three years ago when annuals were planted and then had to be removed for construction work.

Hand Sanitizers (New)

Hand sanitizers have been installed on each floor near the garbage disposal. 

Lights LED (New)

Lights are being installed at the side of the building and at the front of the garage entrance. This will provide illumination and added safety.

Foosball (New)

We now have a Foosball Table in games room. Please enjoy.

Basketball (New)

We now have a Basketball Ring on the Tennis Court. Please enjoy. Remember the court booking rules apply.

Gym (New)

We will be installing a sitting bench press in the Gym. This equipment is very user friendly and can be used by all ages. Kettle Bells, Step Board, Wobble board, Boxing Bag, Chin-up bar and lower ab leg lift. Please make use of the gym.

Lounge Chairs (New)

We have two new lounge Chairs at the back of the building. Enjoy some time in this area. It is our prized possession.


Over the next coming months Cameras will be installed at all exits/entrances to the building. This way security will be able to monitor the entire building from their station.

Garbage Bins (New)

New garbage bins have been installed throughout the building. These bins are for light Trash and not heavy garbage.

BBQ Area

There is an extra BBQ so that more families can have fun. Please book the BBQ and leave a $20.00 deposit with security (money will be refunded). Kindly clean BBQ after use.

Car Wash Bay (New)

We now have a brush and bucket available for washing your car. Please inquire at Concierge.

Volunteers for helping Senior Residents (Internal Window Cleaning)

Windows will be taken off the track, cleaned and put back in. We are looking for Volunteers: Pleas sign up at the Concierge.


YOGA:   is now held Weekly (Monday’s Radha and Tuesday’s Camelia)
ZUMBA: is now held Weekly on a Trial Basis (Fridays)

Note: These activities will continue once there is a need. If residents are not taking advantage of the service the activities will be discontinued. There should be at least five people in each session to maintain the activity.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

BBQ/Community Event

BBQ/Community Event

Place Royale Board Of Directors is pleased to announce our building’s BBQ/Community Event

Date: August 16th 2014
Time: 12pm - 3pm
Location: BBQ Area at the back of the building

- We will be serving vegetarian burgers
- All meats will be Halal
- We will be serving Chicken products
- We will also be barbecuing vegetables
- And of course there will be music

Come and meet your neighbours. Bring the entire family and enjoy some great food and relaxation!