Saturday, March 21, 2020

COVID-19 - Update

COVID-19 Update

Subject: COVID-19 Update


While the Corporation waits for back order delivery of Lysol, Hand Sanitizers and Sanitizer Dispensers, I am reaching out to Residents for the following:

1. Three Lysol Wipes packs (large) (for front line staff and to wipe the elevators)
2. Three bottles of Hand Sanitizer for Security and front line staff.

You can drop off these items at Security or the Management Office.
I thank you in advance for your contribution to the safety of our staff and the residents in our building.

Preventative Measures:

1. Mandatory 14 day quarantine for persons returning from abroad

2. All food delivery will be dropped at Security and residents will pick-up in person (except for residents who are in mandatory quarantine after returning from abroad)

3. Other than medical assistance practitioners and family members taking care of their elder parent or family there should be no visitors to the building

4. Elevator Usage:
- Elevator should be used by one family if the members are more than 3 people
- Only Three People at a time in an elevator
- There will be a yellow line in the elevator which will separate two groups of people
- Walk with Lysol and wipe the elevator buttons before use

5. There are two families who are willing to go out and get groceries for person who need help. Please speak to Security about this service.

Thank you for your assistance in this most extraordinary time. Remain safe.

Dev Maharaj
President Board of Directors
Place Royale: PCC 239