Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Newsletter Update 20

Newsletter Update 20


Place Royale Board of Directors and the Management would like to thank Val Dobrolevski for serving the Building for another three years as Vice President to the Board.

Security Cameras

Twenty five (25) new IP High Definition Cameras will be installed by the end of 2016.

The areas of focus will be:
- G-level all entry points, front of the building and Lobby
- B1 Parking, Gym, East, West and South exits, Garage Entrance, Wash Bay area, Fire exits on B1
- B2 Ramp leading to the B2 Parking, East, West and South entrance, Fire exits, Parking
- All Fire exits will be armed so as to ensure that no one is entering the building without permission

NOTE: There have been cases of residents putting stones or other objects to keep the fire exit doors open. This is a breach of security.

Persons entering the building should have a fob to access the building. If you are renting a suite you are advised to purchase your fob at Security.  

Zen Circle

The circle at the front of the building is approximately 65% complete; work will resume as soon as the weather permits. Trees and flowers will be planted in spring.                         

Dangerous Trees

There are about 40 trees around the building that need to be removed. We will be removing the most dangerous ones first. Initially 12 trees will be removed.

Soil Erosion

There are areas at the back of the building that are causing water to run towards the building due to soil erosion. These areas will be excavated and re-slopped so that the melted snow and rain runoff away from the building. The dirt that was saved from the construction will be re-utilized for this purpose which will be a savings for the building.

Large Garbage Disposal

There is an enclosed wooden area at the back of the building to accommodate large garbage items. Kindly ensure that you are disposing of items that the city will pick up. This is a monitored area and items that do not belong in this pick up area will be disposed of at the owner’s expense.


Classes will be starting soon. Date to be decided based on interest. Everyone is welcome. There is room for six men and six women. Sign up at Security.

Place Royale Board of Directors thanks all residents for their continued support in improving our property. Thank you.