Sunday, January 17, 2016

Newsletter Update 19

Newsletter Update 19

Annual General Meeting

The AGM will be held on January 28th 2016 at Novotel. The purpose of this AGM is to provide information on the Garage Repairs, elect a Board member and share information on projected improvements for 2016-2017.

Letter of Endorsement for Val Dobrolevski

There is one position available on the Board and I would like to give my support to Val Dobrolevski who is the current Vice-President of the Board. Val's contribution in building affairs is second to none and I can say that without his hard work, many of the improvements in the building today would not have become a reality. He is an excellent team player, gives his time to the building and provides back-up to me whenever I need assistance. 

Dev Maharaj
President Board of Directors


Place Royale Board of Directors will be collecting Proxies in the next two weeks to ensure quorum for the meeting.


The construction repairs to the front of the building marks a great sense of accomplishment for residents of Place Royale and for Place Royale Board of Directors.

Circle at the Front of the Building

The circle at the front will be completed at the end of March or when the weather permits whichever is earlier. Trees and flowers will be planted in Spring.     


Zumba will resume on Tuesday 19th January.
Both Men and Women can attend Zumba classes.
Location (Party Room)

Please sign up at Concierge: This will be a first come first serve basis; if the volume is too high then residents will have to be on a waiting list.

Bulk Garbage Disposal

There is a space now dedicated for large items for disposal. Please ensure that your items fall within the City's pick up guidelines.

Place Royale Board of Directors thanks all residents for their continued support in improving our property. Thank you.