Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Newsletter Update 41

 Newsletter Update 41

Fancoil Cleaning Program

Each owner is responsible for maintaining his/her Fancoil System. While most residents have already conducted their yearly maintenance there are still some suites that have not. As such Place Royale Board of Directors have negotiated a price with New Found Air for the following service:

- Isolate power water and power to the unit. Remove blower assembly and clean with compressed air before reinstalling.
- Check electrical connections of the motor and control wires.
- Conduct screw tightening on all terminal connections.
- Wipe the surface of the motor and blower.
- Visually inspect the outside and inside of the unit.
- Spray evaporator coil with no rinse coil cleaning solution.
- Change air filter. Inspect piping, shut of valves and actuator valves for any leaks. Check/clean drain line for free flow.
- Check the function of room Thermostat and verify unit operation.
- Wipe down exterior surface of unit and clean up work area.

The cost of the Cleaning is as follows:

- $265.00 for suites with one fancoil
- $430.00 for suites with two fancoils


Please, contact the Management Office for additional information.

Place Royale Board of Directors
Dev, Val, Manny, Mohammed, Barbara