Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Happy Canada Day!

 Happy Canada Day!

Wishing everyone a Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day marks the day, in 1867, when three separate colonies joined to become a single entity within the British Empire called Canada. From this date, the country was regarded as a self-governing region within the Empire.

The holiday was originally called Dominion Day but was renamed in 1982 under the Canada Act which meant Government in London could no longer make changes to Constitutional Law, allowing full Canadian Sovereignty.

Place Royale Annual Flag Hoisting Ceremony

We will be hosting our Annual Flag Hoisting Ceremony on July 1st morning at 10:00am. The capacity will be for 25 persons. If you have an Orange T-Shirt, please wear it in support of Land Recognition for First Nations Persons.

Place Royale Board of Directors
Dev, Val, Danielle, Manny, Mohammed