Saturday, October 17, 2020

COVID-19 - Update

 COVID-19 - Update


RE: Modified Phase 2

Dear Residents,

The Provincial Government has enacted a modified Phase 2 COVID-19 restriction for the next 28 days. This means that residents will need to ensure that the following protocols are adhered to:

Masks are mandatory once you leave your suite to access any part of the building.

• Elevators should be used by persons from the same bubble.

• Should you forget your mask, do not approach security or any other common area.

• There should be no loitering in the lobby, as this protects our Front Line workers and reduces exposure to Delivery companies dropping off parcels.

• Wear a mask when picking up your packages.

• Construction that is currently in progress will continue.

• No new construction in suites will be permitted until the 28 day restriction is complete.

• Families can utilize the BBQ area for fresh air or the Front of the building: maintain 2 metres from other bubbles.

• The Tennis Court will remain Open.

Remain safe!

A message from Place Royale Board of Directors