Thursday, June 11, 2020

COVID-19 - Memo

COVID-19 - Memo

Subject: Phase 1-A

Dear Residents,

Thank you for maintaining Social Distancing and using masks when you are engaging with others, as well as using Antiseptic Wipes to clean buttons in the elevator and door knobs. Peel Region is not moving into Phase 2 due to a number of COVID-19 Hot Spots in Mississauga and Brampton. With the restrictions in Peel Region in mind we will be opening some of the amenities on June 15th with the following COVID-19 guidelines:

Construction: Owners can contact the Management Office to fill out the necessary paperwork to complete renovations in their suite. Contractors must sign in at Security to ensure contact tracing. Contractors must sanitize the Service Elevator each day after use.

The Handy Room: will be opened and can be booked for 2hrs at a time.
Users must sanitize the door handles and equipment before and after use.

Tennis Court: The tennis court will be opened and can be booked for 1hr at a time
Only one family at a time.

Carwash: The Carwash will be opened and can be booked for 2hrs at a time.

Any resident exhibiting flu-like symptoms should not use the amenities nor should any member of that immediate bubble.

Thank you for your assistance in this most extraordinary time. Remain safe.

Dev Maharaj
President Board of Directors
Place Royale: PCC239