Thursday, May 02, 2019

Newsletter Update 31

Newsletter Update 31


The BBQ will be available from Friday May 03rd 2019. There is a procedure to utilize this amenity; please check with Security or the Management for details. Kindly clean the Grill so that the next person can enjoy the amenity. Also, each suite is responsible for cleaning the area once you have use the back patio.

Tennis Court

Residents can start using the Tennis Court from Friday May 03rd 2019. The Tennis Court can be booked for 1hr at Security. Please make sure that you lock the court and return the keys to security.

Garbage Chutes

There are still too many reports of persons leaving their garbage in the chutes and not pushing it down. This is not fair to others who come after you. Please make sure that your garbage bags have gone down the chute.

Car Wash

The Car Wash will be opened on Friday 03rd May 2019. Enhancements to the car wash area will start in June. We hope to put in a pressure washing unit and if possible a vacuum. The car wash can be booked for 1.5hrs at Security. Please make sure that you return the spray nozzle and other car wash equipment to Security as this could result in a cost to the user. Only residents of Place Royale can use the car wash area.

Garbage Chutes Pressure Washing

The Garbage Chutes will be pressure washed in May. Notices of the date and time will be posted.

Fire Protection

Proline conducted the Annual Fire Inspection: Suites with deficiencies will be contacted and action in repairing the deficiency is Mandatory under the fire code. Tampering with fire prevention equipment in your suite is prohibited under the fire code.

Fancoil Servicing

Each suite owner is responsible for ensuring that their fancoil is in good working condition. Servicing your fancoil increases air flow, reduces allergens and dust in your home and reduces energy usage for the building. If you do not have a contractor to conduct the service, please speak to management and a contractor will be recommended to you.

FILTERS: Residents can purchase filters from the Management Office for $4.00 each.
Special OFFER: Persons over 65 Years of age can get a filter for $1.00 each.

Tree Removal

There are still a few infected trees that need to be removed. This work will start once the ground becomes dry.

Removal of debris from South East side of the Building: Clean up of the trees at the side of the building on Mississauga Valley Blvd. will begin once the area is dry and machines can operate.

Spring Pest Treatment

Many suites were already fogged, sprayed and gelled. Please send feedback to the Management so that the work can be evaluated. Based on the contract's information, it takes some time to see the effects.

Shampooing of Carpets

Shampooing of the carpets will commence once the underground power washing has been completed.

Underground Garage Pressure Washing

Starting in May 2019
Time – 9:00am - 6:00pm

Parking Available as follows:
- On the road as designated by the city
  (The Corporation will pay for roadside parking and the designated areas will be announced)
- Visitor parking

Notice of time and date will be posted

Window Cleaning

Starting in June 2019, weather permitting
Time – 8:00am - 6:00pm daily

Notice of time and date will be posted

Place Royale Board of Directors thanks all the residents for their continued support in improving our property. Thank you.