Monday, December 17, 2018

Zero % increase in condo fees

Zero % increase in condo fees for Six (6) Years straight

Place Royale Board of Directors is proud to announce an unprecedented Zero % Increase in Condo Fees for Six (6) Years straight.

Dear Owners

Place Royale Board of Directors has been able to save over 1.7 million dollars in the last six years. As such, we are very happy to announce that we will be maintaining a Zero Percent increase in Condo Fees for a sixth year straight.

The ability to maintain a zero percent increase shows the dedication, commitment and hard work of this board. We shoulder the responsibility of the building and protect your investment by using our personal time as well as sacrificing quality time with our families.  If you take a moment to really look at what we have accomplished, you would realize that this type of achievement is a kin to a very extraordinary phenomenon.

At this point, you the owners of Place Royale have in effect received a reduction in your Condo Fees for the first time in the history of this building; especially, if you take into account inflation and the constant rise in the cost of utilities.

- Be courteous to your neighbours and staff in the building
- Turn off your lights before you leave your suite
- Inform Security of any strange activity that you might notice
- Get involved in community events and get to know the people in the building:
   this is the best way to improve the security of the Condo
- Clean the Party Room and the BBQ area after you use the facility
- Make sure that your garbage goes down the chute 
- Do not leave garbage on the floor of the garbage chutes
- Clean the equipment you have used in the Gym and replace weights on the rack

2019-2020 Ongoing Repairs

Swimming Pool
The Swimming Pool is a high cost to the Condo and costs are rising due to heating, maintenance requirements due to new regulations and chemical treatment. This year repairs to the pool equipment cost over $17,000. The Pool also needs to be repainted and the changing rooms need to be repaired. Once repairs of the pool commence we will be looking at reducing the depth of the pool which will bring the pool up to the current safety standards at the same time reduce heating, chemical usage and maintenance. This will also make the pool safer for smaller children and persons who cannot swim.

Guest Suites
The Guest Suites are 80% completed. There is one more permit pending and once this permit is received then the suites will be completed and be available for use.

- Rooms can only be booked by a suite owner
- Booking of the suites will be through the Management Office
- Deposit: There will be a $400.00 deposit
- No Smoking in the suites
  (Should a guest smoke in the Suite then the cleaning cost will be taken from the deposit)
- Towels will be provided for an extra charge

Changing Rooms
The changing rooms are still in its original condition. Which means little or no improvements have been made to this area over the last 23 years. As such, much repairs are needed. Once renovated, the area will add significant value to the building. For now, minor repairs will be completed.

The Fancoil Program was a great success. Those residents who signed up for the program have confirmed that there is a clear difference in the air quality. They also noted that the strength of the airflow in their suites have increased.

Due to the detailed cleaning, the contractor was not able to complete all the suites that signed up for the program. Those suites will first on the list once the AC is turned back on in 2019. Cleaning cannot occur during the winter, as the fancoil is hot and will evaporate the cleaning agent.

Findings by the Fancoil Contractor:
- Very few owners are conducting a cleaning on a yearly basis
- The dirt level in the fan are consistent with over 10 years of accumulation
- Suites that had recent renovation had the highest concentration of dirt in the fans
- The contractor also highlighted that many residents are not changing their filters 
- Residents are not doing a yearly maintenance on their fancoil  

You can purchase filters from the Management office. 
Owners are reminded that it is your responsibility to maintain your Fancoil system. If you need assistance in finding a contractor, please contact the Management Office.

Some of the building stacks were completed this year. We were also able to clean out the horizontal lines that connect from our building to the main city line. In 2019, we will continue to clean out stacks. This will be done in zones, which means we will need residents to not use their washrooms and sinks for the period. A notice will be posted as to which zone is being cleaned.

The Games Room
The Games Room is another area that is its original condition. PRBD had planned to do some work in this area in 2018 however due to other areas of importance we were not able to get this area done. We hope that once the Guest Suites are completed we will be able to complete the Games Room, as this amenity is located on the first floor.

Replacement of the Windows in the Building will cost more than we have saved in the bank to date as such PRBD hope that by 2027 we will be able to replace all the windows in the building.
Windows: We also hope with the advent of more Condos being built, the cost of windows will go down.

PRBD is also trying to negotiate a payment plan system with window suppliers and if we are able to secure a good contractor and price, we could possibly start the project earlier. One this is for certain, is that based on our current funds we will not be able to replace the old windows with new ones.

In the mean time, PRBD is repairing windows based on investigation and failure. There is a waiting period as we have over 200 units and many people have been in queue for over a year.

Dev Maharaj: President Board of Directors