Saturday, May 05, 2018

Newsletter Update 28

Newsletter Update 28

Fancoil Maintenance

As a courtesy, the Cooperation will provide an inspection, cleaning and change of filters to each suite. Access to your suite will be necessary. 
Each owner is responsible for his/her A/C system. As such taking part in this program is voluntary. If you do not want the Fancoil Service, please let management/concierge know. 

NOTE: You are expected however to make sure that your A/C is serviced as this helps the building save energy. 

Garbage Chutes

Pressure Washing of Garbage Chutes will start in the second week of July.  


Repairs to the underground garage will start back in May and continue until December 2018. Crews will be working in the B1 and B2; please exercise caution when entering and exiting the building.
The Speed limit in the underground garage is 10km/h.

Shampooing of Carpets

Shampooing of the carpets will commence once the underground power washing has been completed. If there is a floor where the carpet needs special attention, please let the Management know so that the contractors can spend some more time in that area.

Underground Garage Pressure Washing

Starting on May 21st 2018
Time – 9:00am - 6:00pm
Parking Available as follows: 
- On the road as designated by the city (The Corporation will pay for roadside parking and the designated areas will be announced)
- Visitor parking

Window Cleaning

Will start in the first week of June.
Weather permitting
Time – 8:00am - 6:00pm

Spring Pest Treatment

Pest Control will be treating the building starting from the PH level down. This treatment will require access to your suite. One week treatment starting in the first week of July.

Tree Removal

We have removed 49 trees so far; there are still 12 trees to be removed. Removal of trees and clean up of the South Side of the building will commence after Victoria Day Weekend. 

Line Painting in B1 and B2

Will commence once the pressure washing has been completed. Dates to be announced. Cars will need to be removed by 9:00am


The BBQ will be available from May 01st. There is a procedure to utilize this amenity; please check with Security or the Management for details. Kindly clean the Grill so that the next person can enjoy the amenity.

Thank you for using the Friendship Pathway when exiting the building!