Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Newsletter Update 27

Newsletter Update 27

AC Filters 

It is advisable to change your filters before the heat is turned on for the winter. This saves energy and improves air flow to your suite. You can purchase your filters at any of the Home Hardware centers.

NOTE: Filters are available at the Management Office for $2.00 each for the following residents:
(Limit of two filters per suite)

1. Seniors 
2. Any resident that cannot drive 
3. Any resident with a disability
***Any senior that needs assistance to install the filter, please contact the Management Office and help will be provided at no cost. 

*** Suite Owners that need assistance to install the filter:
The cost per suite is as follows:
1. Two filter suite: $15.00 this includes filter and a technician to change the filter
2. One filter suite: $10.00 this includes filter and a technician to change the filter
Contact the Management Office for this service; provide a cheque to PCC-239 and ensure that you have your receipt for your records.

Annual Garbage Chute Pressure Washing

All garbage chutes will be pressure washed in November 2017.

Annual Fall Pest Treatment

Pest Control will be treating the entire building starting from the PH level down. This treatment will require access to your suite.

Annual Shampooing of Carpets

Contractors will be shampooing the carpets in November:
If there is a floor where the carpet needs special attention, please let the Management know so that the contractors can spend some more time in that area.

Friendship Pathway

Security has reported that 98% of residents now use the Friendship Pathway to access Mississauga Valley Blvd. Children and Parents now use the path to go for the bus and residents use the path to go shopping and walking in the park. If you use a wheelchair or a walker please do not use the path: Place Royale Board of Directors will be building another pathway next year that will better accommodate these devices.

- Thank you for using the Friendship Pathway and further contributing to the improvement of our systems in the building.

- This dramatic reduction in using the Garage entrance will save the life of the motor, reduce dangerous situations for drivers and pedestrians and increase savings to the building.

Ontario Legislature passed Bill 16 - the Hazel McCallion Day Act.
Feb 14th will now be known as Hazel McCallion Day.

Place Royale Board of Directors thanks all the residents for their continued support in improving our property. Thank you.