Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Newsletter Update 22

Newsletter Update 22

Security Cameras B1 Level

Installation has commenced and work should be completed by mid September. Cameras will be placed on all fire exits, entrances/exits and other areas that will increase security in the building. 

Security Cameras G Level

High Definition Cameras have been installed on the G level.

Construction: Back of the Building

The re-sloping of the back of the building so that water drains away from the structure which was discussed in the AGM is now 75% complete and on budget. A water test was conducted last night which shows there was no water flowing back to the building. Once we get a heavy rain fall we will be able to further check the system. The area will also be monitored in spring of 2017 after the thaw.

BBQ Patio

Persons wishing to BBQ can use the patio only.
NOTE: The area will be dusty. There will be no access to areas outside the patio. 

Car Wash

As the area with the car wash is under construction, you can utilize a hose that has been placed at the back of the building close to the moving room. Kindly register with Security to use the area.
NOTE: Maximum time per suite is 2hrs.

Visitor Parking

The gate for Visitor Parking is now in effect. 

Garden Club

If you would like to be a part of the Garden Club please sign up at Security. There is room for 10-15 people. The responsibilities of the Club will be determined at the first meeting. 

Toilet Replacement Program

There are still a number of suites that need to upgrade to more water efficient toilets. The Board will be introducing a program soon; more information to follow.  

Reducing Cost - Utilities


1. Please ensure that your A/C is switched “Auto” and set to 25 degrees when you are not home
2. Turn Faucet off when brushing teeth, shaving and so on
3. Change incandescent bulbs to CFL or LED
4. Change your A/C filter every three months or sooner depending on usage 
5. Turn off lights, TVs, audio equipment; unplug electrical items when you are not using them
NOTE: These little changes will reduce cost and influence the budget and condo fees.  

Place Royale Board of Directors thanks all residents for their continued support in improving our property. Thank you.