Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Newsletter Update 15

Newsletter Update 15

Garage Repairs

Garage repairs will start soon. The area of repair will be the front of the building. There are some parking spots in the B1 that will be affected; Management will provide Parking Permits so that those residents can park in Visitors Parking. Some vehicles parked at the back of the building will also need to park in Visitors Parking.

- Access to B2 will be reduced to one lane; speed limit is 5km/h
- Car wash area will be closed during construction
- Access to the G level from the building will be via the west exit
- Access to the front of the building will be reserved for emergencies
- The area surrounding the drains in the Visitors Parking and drains at the back of the building will be worked on as well
- Repairs are expected to end in November 2015
- No Entry: Zero access to pedestrians via the Garage Entrance on B1 during construction;
Efforts will be made to minimize obstruction during the Garage Repairs
Spring Sale
- A Spring Sale will be held on May 31st 2015. Bring your slightly used items to sell/give away/trade
- Location: Back of the Building
- Time: 10.00am - 2:00pm
- Community get together will be held in Party Room at the same time, more information will be posted on Notice Boards shortly
First Aid Training / Volunteers

- Place Royale Board of Directors will be recruiting one person from each floor to be trained in First Aid
- These individuals will become certified by St. John Ambulance
- The training will be at site
- Certified First Aider information will be posted on each floor
Please sign up at Concierge. This will be a first come first serve basis.

- Heating has been shut off by Ambient
- The A/C will be switched over on May 20th
- Fancoil Cleaning
- Fancoil Cleaning will commence once the A/C is turned on; Notices will be posted
Window Cleaning

- Window cleaning will commence shortly: kindly ensure that the wire mesh is removed prior to cleaning Cleaning dates will be posted on Notice Boards.


- The BBQ area is now open
Please see Concierge to book the BBQ
Tennis Court and Outdoor Basketball

- The tennis court has been pressure washed and is open for use
- NOTE: Activities on the tennis court is limited to 1hr per Unit; please be mindful of persons waiting to play
Automatic Garage Opener

- The building will be phasing in Automatic Garage Openers to enter the building parking
- This will start taking effect once the Sidewalk has been built
- The Automatic Openers will:
     - Increase Safety and Security
     - Reduce wear and tear to the Garage Door Motor (This motor had to be replaced recently)
     - Ensure that only cars are entering the building from this entry/exit

- Please ensure that fobs are used when entering the front of the building
- Please be vigilant and make sure that no one is following after you when you open the front door
- Security will make sure that both doors are locked whenever they are on patrol

Garbage Disposal

- There have been many reports of garbage being left on the floor of the garbage room/chute on different floors
- This is a health issue: residents are asked to report such assurances to the management office
- NOTE: one resident cut his hand while trying to push down a garbage bag that was left in the chute: be courteous to your neighbors
- If a child is throwing the garbage, make sure that the child understands the correct procedure when disposing of the waste