Thursday, October 02, 2014

Newsletter Update 12

Newsletter Update 12

Garage Repair Update

CION Engineering has advised Place Royale Board of Directors that the major portion of the garage repairs should be done in Spring of 2015 because of the unseasonable cold weather. The nature of the project, waterproofing material application specifications and concrete curing times require the temperature to be above 10 degrees Celsius. Therefore all work will commence when the weather is suitable and will be upon further notice in the Spring of 2015.

CION indicated that in order to maintain our 25 year expected service life on the membrane the temperature when laying down both concrete and sealant should be over 15 degrees to ensure stability.

Seeing that major work cannot be done outside, the following work will be conducted:

1. Catch basins will be repaired (these repairs will facilitate proper draining of melting ice in Spring)
2. Pipes in B1 and B2 which are about 85% clogged will be replaced
3. Drains in the B1 and B2 will be cleaned