Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Newsletter Update 7

Newsletter Update 7

Cooling Tower Replacement

The Cooling Tower was not replaced with the Chiller and was leaking last year. The tower has been ordered and will be replaced between May 20th and the beginning of June 2014. Air Condition will start once the Cooling Tower is replaced. Heating has been shut off by Ambient.

Garage Repairs will start in Mid June

CION Engineering has conducted tests in our Garage and indicated areas to be focused on. Pre-tenders have been completed and Garage Repairs will start in Mid June 2014. 

The areas of focus: 
- Upper deck which includes the delaminated ceiling of the Ramp leading down to B2 level 
- The area surrounding the drains in the Visitor Parking 
- The area surrounding the drains at the back of the building on G level

Areas will be excavated, concrete work will be conducted and a new membrane will be put in. 

Insurance Refund from Canlight Hall

PRBOD was able to retrieve $26000.00 from monies paid to Canlight Hall for Insurance coverage. There are still some matters that are outstanding.   

Overnight Visitor Parking

Please note that the maximum amount of overnight Visitor Parking at any one time is 3 days. This time period may be extended based on space availability and require management’s approval

Fancoil Cleaning

Fancoil cleaning will commence shortly and filters will be changed. 

Garage Cleaning

The Garage will be Power Swept and Power Washed:

Please remove any items stored near your vehicles.

Windows Cleaning

Windows cleaning will commence shortly: kindly ensure that the wire mesh is removed prior to cleaning. Cleaning dates will be posted on Notice Boards. 

Trees Removal

The landscaping company has identified a number of trees that need to be removed and will start working on this in three weeks. 


The Game Room is being painted as well are other areas of the building. Please help in maintaining the building by ensuring that walls are not scratched when using carts or by any other means. 


The BBQ area is now Open. Please see Concierge to book the BBQ pit.

Car Wash Bay  

The Car Wash is now Open. There is a New Hose and Nozzle. Please see Concierge for Wash Bay Keys. 

SUITE 111 is now Renovated and is up for rent

Rent : $1550.00 per month. Comes with one parking spot 137A

Muffin Social

Over 60 residents attended the Muffin Social. There was coffee and food from around the world. Thank you to everyone for coming out and meeting their neighbours.   

Party Room Rental

PRBOD on behalf of the Corporation would like to thank Residents for making good use of the Party Room. 


YOGA: held biweekly Monday and Wednesday (Location Squash Court)

ZUMBA: held biweekly Friday and Saturday (Location Squash Court)

Please sign up at Concierge:

This will be a first come first serve basis; if the volume is too high then residents might have to sign up for only one activity. This will be determined based on demand.

Place Royale Board of Directors