Thursday, March 20, 2014

Newsletter Update 6

Newsletter Update 6

Information and Updates

Over the last Month Simsons Management have been working to ensure that the transition from Canlight Hall Management  moves smoothly. Simsons has indicated that there have been some cases of duplicate utility withdrawals for some suites. This was a result of inaccurate data being provided on the handover from the old management company. Simsons would like unit owners to please let the Management Office know if there have been any duplications.  

Garage Repairs 

Garage Repairs continue and will start after May 31st. Residents will be given two weeks notice prior to the start. The area in focus is the ceiling of the Ramp leading down to B2 from the B1 level. 

Changes since the Management Change over

A professional pool company has been contracted to test, clean and ensure that chemical levels in the pool is up to standard. NOTE: The entire area surrounding the pool has been scrubbed. Please enjoy our pool. 


Cleaners are now on duty early in the morning and in the evening until 8pm


We have a Superintendent that works six days a week for four hours a day: We will be assessing the need of the Superintendent and increase hours as needed. This system has resulted in a savings of $2080.00 per month.


Kindly submit your Action Forms to the Management Office as usual. The new Action Forms have serial numbers on them for tracking. 


Security has been monitoring parking at the building. Vehicles that are illegally parked will be ticketed by the City of Mississauga Parking Enforcement.  


Owners are reminded that repairs and renovations should be carried out by licensed service persons. This protects the owner in case there is a problem that affects another unit. NOTE: Contact the Management Office for assistance with licensed contractors. Management is not liable for work carried out by recommended contractors. 

The old superintendent’s unit will be renovated and rented out; this will bring in an average annual income of $17400.00

PRBOD on behalf of the Corporation would like to thank residents for making good use of the Party Room. 

Yoga and Zumba for Women

PRBOD is pleased to announce that two residents will be volunteering their time to conduct YOGA and ZUMBA Classes for Women in the building. 

- Yoga is on Wednesdays (Location - Squash Court)

- Zumba will be on Tuesdays (Location - Squash Court)

Signup sheets will be at Security; this will be a first come first serve basis; if the volume is too high then residents might have to sign up for only one activity. This will be determined based on demand. April start date.

Muffin Social

PRBOD is inviting residents to be part of the Muffin Social Committee: The Muffin Social is a social gathering where residents can meet and get to know each other, share food, celebrate the births of newborn babies, milestone birthdays, welcome new neighbours and so on. 

- The event will be held every three months
- Signup Sheet is at Security
- First Muffin Social will be held on April 10th in the Party room

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