Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Please be advised that all dryer vents in Units will be cleaned by DH CONDO SERVICES starting February 24th, 2014. Following schedule will be maintained to complete all units. We expect to finish three floors per day.

Monday, February 24th: Pent House – 18th Floor
Tuesday February 25th: 17thFloor – 15th Floor
Wednesday, February 26th: 14th – 11th Floor
Thursday, February 27th: 10th – 8th Floor
Friday, February 28th: 7th – 5th Floor
Monday, March 3rd: 4th – Ground Floor

Starting 9AM each day till 5PM

Access to your unit is necessary to complete this work. If you unable to be home or the Dryer Vent Cleaning Team cannot get access to your unit for some reason, they will move on to the next unit – and continue on. Cleaning the dryer vents in a unit takes about half an hour depending on how much lint build-up is present and how difficult it is to have full access to the vents. Therefore, Management won’t be able to give you the approximate time of technician’s arrival to your unit.

Please make arrangements to have someone home. If you cannot be at home, Management Staff or a Concierge will go with technician to complete the work in your unit. Otherwise, a second visit will be scheduled and the costs may be charged back to your suite account.

NOTE: The Dryer Vent Cleaning Company does not require the dryers to be moved, all inside cleaning is done through the lint trap on the dryer. Access to reach the dryer vent, the auxiliary lint trap and exhaust fan motor should be allowed. Residents are to remove any valuable articles, furnishings that may be damaged because of their proximity to the dryer vent. If you have a pet, please make sure that they are tied to a leash and away from dryer vent in your suite.

Your cooperation is very much appreciated.