Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Newsletter Update 3

Newsletter Update 3

Garage Repair at Back of Building

The Garage Repair at the back of the building is now finished and soon management will be issuing a notice for residents to park in their usual parking spots. Once the notice has been issued, the normal parking enforcement for the Visitor’s Parking will resume. Kindly ensure that visitors register their car number plates with Security to avoid vehicles being tagged. 

Place Royale Board of Directors (PRBOD) Thank all residents for their cooperation during the construction.

Visitor Parking

Once residents move back to their parking sports, Security will be issuing visitor passes to any one visiting the building for any amount of time. These passes should be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle.
In order to protect our property and increase safety:

The parking enforcement will be making periodic checks in the visitors’ parking to ensure that vehicles are parked legally.

Contracts and Savings

PRBOD and Management were able to renegotiate the following contracts:

HVAC Contract
Old - Carrier Commercial
New - Ambient Air Mechanical $30,164.22 (difference of $5,277.38 annually)

Elevator Contract
Kone - negotiated new price
New - $16,068.60 (difference of 2,787.00 annually)

Security Contract
Old - G4S
New - Active Security $175,584.00 (difference of $25,763.88 annually)

Fire Life Safety Maintenance Contract
Old - Onyx Fire
New - Regal Fire - $123.00 Per Month (difference of $144.00 annually)

TOTAL SAVINGS OF:  $33,972.26

Basketball Court

The Basketball Court will soon be available. Parents are asked to supervise their children while they are on the court. The court should be swept before and after use to help with traction (a mop broom will be provided). Basketballs will be placed with security.

Upcoming Projects for the Building

1. Sidewalk: PRBOD is currently working out the details with the City of Mississauga. Construction in 2014
2. Garage Repairs 2014 - Minor Repairs
3. Party Room Repair - Scheduled for July 2014
4. Leaks in the garage area will be looked at and corrective action will be taken in 2014
5. Guest Suite

Place Royale Board of Directors