Monday, July 08, 2013

Newsletter Update 1

Newsletter Update 1

Thank you

Place Royale Board of Directors would like to thank all of you for coming out and supporting us
through the transition process.
As we move forward, our focus will be on looking at pending work that needs to be done in the building and ensuring that residents are up-to-date on action plans.

Ways of Communicating

We are very committed to improving the communication between Place Royale Board of Directors and our fellow residents, with this in mind we will be communicating in the following ways:

1. Updates will be sent to suites in printed form with an update number e.g. this is Update 1
2. Updates will also be posted here on
3. For residents with vision impairments special letters will go out in larger fonts

Update on Garage Area

There is a section on the B1 parking level that is currently blocked off. It was noticed that a crack had developed and needed to be looked at. Canmar Contracting was contacted and they installed post-shores to support the area. This is a precautionary measure and we are currently looking into the most cost efficient and effective way to fix the issue.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Next steps

We will be reviewing the financials over the next month and information will follow.

Place Royale Board of Directors